Committee Composition


In accordance with our Corporate Governance Guidelines, the independent directors of our Board meet in executive session at least quarterly, outside of the presence of non-independent directors or other members of management, with the independent auditors and then without anyone else present. In 2005, our Board approved amendments to our Corporate Governance Guidelines, which established the position of Lead Director, who is required to be qualified as independent and is appointed by a majority of the independent directors. The Lead Director’s role is to lead and facilitate the function of the Board independently of management and to enhance the quality of the Board's governance.  Additionally, the Lead Director presides at the executive sessions of the independent directors during quarterly Board meetings. Donald D. Patteson, Jr. currently serves as our Lead Director.

The primary functions of the Board committees are as follows.

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee appoints Carriage's independent auditors, reviews the plan, scope and results of the audit with the auditors and Carriage's officers, and approves audit fees and non-audit services. The Audit Committee also reviews with the auditors the significant accounting policies and internal accounting controls of Carriage.

The Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee reviews and approves the compensation of Carriage's senior officers, including stock and other incentive compensation programs. The Compensation Committee also administers, and makes grants of stock options, under Carriage's stock incentive plans.

The Corporate Governance Committee

The Corporate Governance Committee reviews the structure of the full Board, evaluates the Board's performance and makes recommendations regarding the size of the Board and the number and classification of directors. The Corporate Governance Committee also conducts a search for suitable and qualified candidates to serve as directors when the terms of office are up for election at each year's annual meeting of stockholders and submits the names of candidates for such positions for consideration by the Board.

Director Name Audit Committee Compensation Committee Corporate Governance Committee
Chad Fargason member of Audit Committee chairperson of Corporate Governance Committee
Douglas B. Meehan member of Audit Committee member of Compensation Committee member of Corporate Governance Committee
Donald D. Patteson, Jr. Lead Director chairperson of Audit Committee member of Compensation Committee member of Corporate Governance Committee
Mel Payne Chairman of the Board
Carlos R. Quezada Vice-Chair of the Board
Julie Sanders member of Audit Committee member of Compensation Committee member of Corporate Governance Committee
Somer Webb member of Audit Committee chairperson of Compensation Committee member of Corporate Governance Committee
Legend = Chairperson = Member = Lead Director = Chairman of the Board = Vice-Chair of the Board

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